What’s the minimum order to receive free delivery?
(Note: This is applicable to Singapore only) If you’re ordering a 2-week diet plan, you can enjoy free weekly delivery above $60. If you are ordering a 4-week diet plan, you can enjoy free weekly delivery above $120. In the event that you ordered below the free delivery minimum, you can choose a fortnightly delivery option (whereby 2 weeks' worth of orders are condensed into one delivery drop). In the event, that your total order still falls below the $60 per fortnight minimum, a delivery fee of $8.50 will be levied on fortnightly delivery.
How many days' notice do I need to give for new orders?
We require THREE full working days (weekdays excluding Public Holidays) to prepare your order before delivering at the next available slot for your area (subject to availability). A gentle reminder to place your order earlier to receive timely meal replenishment.
Can I self-collect my pet's food?
We do not allow self-collection for hygiene purposes.
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What are the modes of payment I can use?
(Note: This is applicable to Singapore only) We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express only.
Returns, Refunds & Cancellations
For food safety reasons, BOM BOM cannot accept returns once the food has been delivered. If there are any issues with the quality of the food; or the accuracy of the order, please message BB Support within 3 days of delivery for assistance.
How do I enter a promo code?
You will have the opportunity to enter a promo code on the order summary page. Simply enter the code followed by the ‘Apply’ button on the right. Once the code has been successfully redeemed, the total amount will be updated.
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What is auto-rotated and fixed offals?
As part of BOM BOM's nutrition programme, you have the option to auto-rotate offals under the Standard Plan for nutritional completeness if pet allergies are fully ascertained. Otherwise, you also have the option to fix the offal type used in meals to match the same protein selected for muscle meats (where available), thus minimizing triggering any unknown protein allergies. This is a recommended option to facilitate diet elimination due to allergies or any other dietary challenges/restrictions.
How should I choose between Transition, Standard and Advanced Plan?
BOM BOM provides 3 meal plans: Transition Plan: A gentle and limited plan for those new to raw feeding; in need of allergy elimination; or starting simple for pets with sensitive guts. Offals will be match/fixed to the muscle meat protein type selected in the meal plan. Ground bones will be the default bone option unless you opt for bone exclusion. The only meal balancer available is Fibre+. Standard Plan: For existing pets familiar with raw-feeding, this will provide nutritionally optimised meals with access to all options such as: meal balancers, offal rotation, and bone types. Advanced Plan: For experienced feeders who know exactly what their pet’s nutritional requirements and tolerances are. Meals will be constructed accordingly to your specifications for all components.
How do you calculate the meal portion?
For simplified ordering, enter your pet’s actual weight value and select the desired weight goal (Reduce Weight, Maintain Weight, or Increase Weight) to customise an appropriate meal portion for your pet. You may update the weight value accordingly with every order to achieve equilibrium weight gradually. In addition, there are two metabolic factors which BOM BOM requests of your pet: Neutering status and Activity Level. These will help BOM BOM to formulate meals more accurately for your pet’s individual lifestyle needs. It is important to keep your pet's weight value updated regularly when ordering. For puppies and kittens, be sure to weigh them and update their weight value weekly or fortnightly as they are growing. Message BB Support if you require further assistance.
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Account Management

How will I know when to re-order? WIll I get a reminder?
Our system will send you an automated reminder to order meals again for your furkid via SMS and email. However, you are strongly encouraged to set a calendar reminder on your device to ensure you do not miss the ordering deadline.
How do I change my delivery address or time slots after placing my order?
(Note: This is applicable to Singapore only) You can message BB Support to change your delivery address or time slot if your order is more than 24 hours away. Kindly note that BOM BOM reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for any changes made within 24hrs of the scheduled delivery. Once you have been assigned a delivery time frame, we cannot give a more precise time window due to scheduling restrictions.
How do I create an account?
Once you have completed your ordering process, your BOM BOM account will automatically be created and a system-generated password will be emailed to you.
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What is Forage+? What benefit does it bring for my pet?
BOM BOM's Forage+ uses fresh nutritive organic herbs for their prebiotic and immunotonic qualities. We portion the herbs in every meal packs, making sure it is balanced for your pet and we rotate the herbs weekly. Benefits include detoxification, immune system boost, or alleviating liver disease, kidney issues, GI tract or systemic inflammation.
Do I need to add taurine supplements for my cat?
No you don’t. BOM BOM meals are naturally complete for all essential amino acids for cats and dogs, in their most bioavailable and freshest form. No supplement could ever beat that. Depending on the protein of choice, our taurine content averages between 75mg-85mg per day.
Should we feed vegetables?
Given the array of conflicting information on the Internet, this is one of the most frequently asked questions amongst discerning pet owners. While some vegetables are great sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, pets cannot rely on them as main nutrient providers. Dogs and cats are carnivorous by nature, requiring a highly bioavailable animal-based diet to meet nutritional needs. Sometimes, pet owners make the mistake of feeding too much vegetables. Imposing human diet principles on our pets is dangerous! Unlike humans, dogs and cats lack the enzyme, cellulase, to digest huge amounts of fibre from vegetables, and do not possess flat-grinding molars to grind down vegetable matter. Feeding the wrong vegetables can also lead to long-term health problems. Firstly, antinutrients (such as phytic acid) present in some vegetables heavily reduce bioavailability and increase the risk of deficiencies. Secondly, certain root vegetables, due to their high starch content, can put unnecessary stress on the pancreas. Cruciferous or goitrogenic vegetables should also be minimised to prevent thyroid or hormone disorders and a compromised immune system. Evidently, feeding too much vegetables puts a strain on pets’ digestive systems. This internal stress manifests itself in indigestion (large amounts of smelly, soft, poo), poor skin and fur, low stamina, poor digestive ability, and a compromised immune system. As synergistic complements to our pets’ diet, vegetables are offered as Meal Balancers and Add-Ons to BOM BOM meals – namely Fibre+, Forage+, and Antioxidant Green Cubes – each serving distinct purposes. For instance, Forage+ is a weekly rotation of fresh nutritive organic herbs chosen for their immunotonic and detoxifying qualities, while Fibre+ features an optimal blend of both insoluble and soluble fibres to regulate bowl movement, promote prebiotic generation, and optimise stool texture. Vegetables are carefully curated and appropriately portioned to ensure meals are well balanced. Our formulations ensure that maximum benefits are extracted without detracting from primary nutrients. To get the best out of phytonutrients, leave them to BOM BOM to select your pet’s greens intake.
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What to Expect

How can I tell If my pet is allergic to certain meats?
Food allergies may be triggered more immediately whereas food intolerances tend to be exhibited over time. The symptoms of food allergies would include runny stools and sudden itching of paws, mouth area, or flanks. Although bio-resonance and blood tests for pets can be an indication for allergy testing, they may not be conclusive. Most pets, when diagnosed with a chicken allergy, for example, could be allergic to the processed / heavily cooked chicken meat or fats that are found in their previous diets. However, when fed the raw chicken meat, pets have shown to have no issues with it. Feel free to message BB Support if, in doubt, we would be happy to assist with your pet's dietary requirements.
Can I swap over immediately to feeding BOM BOM?
Yes, you can! BOM BOM diet contains a nutritious, simple, highly digestible ingredient list. Transition risk is minimal when converting your pet to the BOM BOM diet. The majority of pets take to this natural food very well with small, shaped stools. At worst, your pet may have slightly loose stool (due to the richness of offal or certain red meats, etc), but this should firm up over time. Poo-watching is important during new diet transitioning. Every pet may fare differently. If your pet has consistently darker and/or liquid stools, please message BB Support for assistance.
Is it normal for my pet to drink less water?
The BOM BOM diet is filled with natural moisture from its plump, juicy meats. Muscle meats can contain up to 75% water. Kibbles and other commercial diets have up to 10% moisture content which tends to cause more thirst for your pet. Feeding BOM BOM meals is a great way to keep your pet hydrated in a measured and enjoyable way!
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