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Raw meals for the highest bioavailability, the way nature intended

Benefit Nutrient Benefit Nutrient


Perfectly cooked meals with a bioavailable calcium source


Complimentary after-sales support by professionally certified nutrition team


SFA-approved, free-ranging, antibiotic-free, hormone-free prime cuts


Comprehensive meals customized and portioned


Vacuum-packed, fresh pet food delivered weekly in Singapore

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The BOM BOM Advantage

Easy Transitioning, Ingredient Control, Suitable For All Tastes

Natural Meal Plan

Scientifically Balanced


Recommended if you are new to raw, eliminating allergies or have pets with sensitive guts.

Transition offers our gentlest formulation to safeguard against overcomplexity.
Scientifically Balanced


Provides access to all meal options to boost your pet’s nutritional coverage.

Standard offers all our carefully curated Meal Balancers and ingredient choices.
Scientifically Balanced


For experienced DIY raw feeders or nutritionists.

Advanced allows you to build meals from scratch, using any feeding model, ratios or premium ingredients you wish.

Sous Vide Meal Plan

Scientifically Balanced

Sous Vide

For those who prefer a gradual transition or intermediate step to raw feeding.

BOM BOM SV meals are balanced to compensate for nutrient loss due to cooking.


How should I choose between Transition, Standard and Advanced Plan?
BOM BOM provides 3 meal plans: Transition Plan: A gentle and limited plan for those new to raw feeding; in need of allergy elimination; or starting simple for pets with sensitive guts. Offals will be match/fixed to the muscle meat protein type selected in the meal plan. Ground bones will be the default bone option unless you opt for bone exclusion. The only meal balancer available is Fibre+. Standard Plan: For existing pets familiar with raw-feeding, this will provide nutritionally optimised meals with access to all options such as: meal balancers, offal rotation, and bone types. Advanced Plan: For experienced feeders who know exactly what their pet’s nutritional requirements and tolerances are. Meals will be constructed accordingly to your specifications for all components.
How do you calculate the meal portion?
For simplified ordering, enter your pet’s actual weight value and select the desired weight goal (Reduce Weight, Maintain Weight, or Increase Weight) to customise an appropriate meal portion for your pet. You may update the weight value accordingly with every order to achieve equilibrium weight gradually. In addition, there are two metabolic factors which BOM BOM requests of your pet: Neutering status and Activity Level. These will help BOM BOM to formulate meals more accurately for your pet’s individual lifestyle needs. It is important to keep your pet's weight value updated regularly when ordering. For puppies and kittens, be sure to weigh them and update their weight value weekly or fortnightly as they are growing. Message BB Support if you require further assistance.
What is auto-rotated and fixed offals?
As part of BOM BOM's nutrition programme, you have the option to auto-rotate offals under the Standard Plan for nutritional completeness if pet allergies are fully ascertained. Otherwise, you also have the option to fix the offal type used in meals to match the same protein selected for muscle meats (where available), thus minimizing triggering any unknown protein allergies. This is a recommended option to facilitate diet elimination due to allergies or any other dietary challenges/restrictions.
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What to Expect

Can I swap over immediately to feeding BOM BOM?
Yes, you can! BOM BOM diet contains a nutritious, simple, highly digestible ingredient list. Transition risk is minimal when converting your pet to the BOM BOM diet. The majority of pets take to this natural food very well with small, shaped stools. At worst, your pet may have slightly loose stool (due to the richness of offal or certain red meats, etc), but this should firm up over time. Poo-watching is important during new diet transitioning. Every pet may fare differently. If your pet has consistently darker and/or liquid stools, please message BB Support for assistance.
How can I tell If my pet is allergic to certain meats?
Food allergies may be triggered more immediately whereas food intolerances tend to be exhibited over time. The symptoms of food allergies would include runny stools and sudden itching of paws, mouth area, or flanks. Although bio-resonance and blood tests for pets can be an indication for allergy testing, they may not be conclusive. Most pets, when diagnosed with a chicken allergy, for example, could be allergic to the processed / heavily cooked chicken meat or fats that are found in their previous diets. However, when fed the raw chicken meat, pets have shown to have no issues with it. Feel free to message BB Support if, in doubt, we would be happy to assist with your pet's dietary requirements.
Is it normal for my pet to drink less water?
The BOM BOM diet is filled with natural moisture from its plump, juicy meats. Muscle meats can contain up to 75% water. Kibbles and other commercial diets have up to 10% moisture content which tends to cause more thirst for your pet. Feeding BOM BOM meals is a great way to keep your pet hydrated in a measured and enjoyable way!
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Every Pet Has A Different Requirement

Allergy Elimination, Fussy Eaters, Specialised Diets All Catered For

Wide variety of meat options for pets

Proprietary Nutrigenomic Model

BOM BOM’s research and technology ensures all meals are optimised to surpass NRC RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) micronutrient benchmarks.

Customisation Flexibility

Our customisation plans provide flexibility to tailor to your pet's needs, whether transitioning from another diet, or greater control over meal composition is required.

Discover New Flavours & Eliminate Allergens

Our Add-ons allow you to complement your pet’s bowl with nutritious toppers or to test allergies safely before committing to the next rotation.

Free Weekly Delivery

We deliver fresh pet food island-wide in Singapore 5 days a week.

Ready in Minutes

Each meal portion is individually vacuum-packed - simply thaw and feed!

Premium Customisation Made Affordable

Quality Ingredients, Lifetime Nutritionist Support, Analytics Included

Estimates are based on Natural Chicken meals, including Ground Bones and Offals. Prices may vary according to weight goals, growth stage, activity levels and other physiological factors. BOM BOM does not surcharge for its customisation service.

We Judge Our Success By Your Pet's Optimised Health


Onion was diagnosed with IBS and a leaky gut, unable to form firm stools for 6 months. He was prescribed ‘hypoallergenic kibble’, diuretics, and biotin injections which didn’t help. We stopped all medication upon referral to BOM BOM. Within weeks, he developed a shiny, thick coat, stronger musculature and increased stamina.
### He is thriving without any medication, and looks forward to every BOM BOM meal!

Ming Fang

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Ginger has struggled with hunger strikes, IBS, malnutrition and hospitalization her whole life. Her vet recommended an unpalatably strict diet of hypoallergenic canned food. I decided against this and opted for BOM BOM’s holistic raw diet instead. Now, her fur is shiny, tear stains gone, and gained weight through more consistent eating! She loves the RMBs and meal times are so much simpler!


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Oska was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. Constant scratching and biting resulted in secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Conventional prognosis called for life­long steroids and immunotherapy. Switching from kibbles to other raw diet suppliers, expensive supplements and frequent spa baths didn’t help his skin condition. With BOM BOM, Oska blossomed, gained muscle, has no more weepy eyes nor stale breath! Happiness!


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When Kyubi was fed premium kibbles, his fur was dull, sparse and he scratched himself bloody. Despite frequent baths, he smelt cheesy from yeast, ringworm and demodex. Steroids and antihistamines offered no relief. But within a month of stopping the meds and starting on BOM BOM, he stopped itching and grew an unbelievably thick, glossy coat! He seems so much happier and confident! ~


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Kiki developed hip dysplasia at just 5 months old - it was heartbreaking. She disliked eating premium freeze-dried meals and her joint issues persisted even with expensive supplements. I decided to try BOM BOM as they made feeding raw easy. Within 6 weeks, Kiki gained 1.2kg and even the vet said her hip dysplasia improved! Kiki gained muscle, and it's so heartwarming to see her galloping and jumping about!

Ming Fang

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We have bought raw from various suppliers but BOM BOM's supply is by far the best quality. Highly recommended. BOM BOM is an extremely helpful & knowledgeable resource in raw feeding. While I do enjoy preparing my pup's meals, BOM BOM's customized meals saves me a lot of time! Whisky has benefited a lot from BOM BOM's wide menu offerings and well-structured formula.


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As a pet owner, it is my responsibility to provide the best diet possible. Feeding Flash is a challenge as he has a sensitive stomach. I heard about the benefits of feeding raw but couldn't find time to research and prepare it.
With BOM BOM, preparation time is zero, and I can feed Flash a balanced and wholesome diet. Within weeks of starting BOM BOM, he had less eye gunk, no tummy issues, and firmer, tiny poop. Flash's fur is now shinier and hardly sheds!


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As pet owners ourselves, we understand the impact that proper nutrition can have on the health and happiness of our beloved companions. At our core, we are a results-driven company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of pets. Our mission is to achieve a measurably higher quality of life and extended longevity for pets through optimal nutrition.

Our team of nutrition experts is here to assist you in navigating the complex world of pet nutrition. As each pet is unique with individual dietary needs and preferences, we offer tailored guidance, support, and products to help you make the best decisions for your furkid.

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