Dogs are facultative carnivores which means they rely primarily on animal-based foods for their nutrition. BOM BOM's meal formulation ensures that only the freshest and most bioavailable ingredients are used in your pup's meals - we don't short-change you on excess carbohydrate, vegetable or filler content. BOM BOM's in-house team and network of veterinarians, food scientists and nutritionists will set you up for a fuss-free transition and a lifetime of complimentary support - we're only a message away!

BOM BOM's Natural raw meals, are one of the most naturally bioavailable raw dog foods available. If you're looking for a customised, raw PMR or BARF diet for your dog, look no further than our freshly made dog food. Our ingredients are whole, clearly distinguishable and visibly fresh. Our produce is lab-tested for common food-borne pathogens too for your peace of mind.

Our ultra-fresh, premium meals are NRC compliant so you don't have to worry about nutritional balance or completeness. In fact, our meals are so high in bioavailability, nutrient density and coverage, no supplements are required!

Contact BB Support today for a dietary recommendation and customise meals to suit your pet's preferences, eliminate allergies or to optimise their health!

Account Management

How will I know when to re-order? WIll I get a reminder?
Our system will send you an automated reminder to order meals again for your furkid via SMS and email. However, you are strongly encouraged to set a calendar reminder on your device to ensure you do not miss the ordering deadline.
How do I change my delivery address or time slots after placing my order?
(Note: This is applicable to Singapore only) You can message BB Support to change your delivery address or time slot if your order is more than 24 hours away. Kindly note that BOM BOM reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for any changes made within 24hrs of the scheduled delivery. Once you have been assigned a delivery time frame, we cannot give a more precise time window due to scheduling restrictions.
How do I create an account?
Once you have completed your ordering process, your BOM BOM account will automatically be created and a system-generated password will be emailed to you.
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What’s the minimum order to receive free delivery?
(Note: This is applicable to Singapore only) If you’re ordering a 2-week diet plan, you can enjoy free weekly delivery above $60. If you are ordering a 4-week diet plan, you can enjoy free weekly delivery above $120. In the event that you ordered below the free delivery minimum, you can choose a fortnightly delivery option (whereby 2 weeks' worth of orders are condensed into one delivery drop). In the event, that your total order still falls below the $60 per fortnight minimum, a delivery fee of $8.50 will be levied on fortnightly delivery.
How many days' notice do I need to give for new orders?
We require THREE full working days (weekdays excluding Public Holidays) to prepare your order before delivering at the next available slot for your area (subject to availability). A gentle reminder to place your order earlier to receive timely meal replenishment.
Can I self-collect my pet's food?
We do not allow self-collection for hygiene purposes.
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