DNA of a Passion Project

What started out as meal preparation for a single pet has now grown into one of Singapore’s largest pet nutrition companies. For almost a year, the nascent operations were known only by a token placeholder name, ‘Kyubi’s Kitchen’. This was never intended to be a business, but a passion project to help pets with persistent ailments and meal construction. It was reward enough to see pets doing well on their new diet. Demand grew rapidly through clientele word-of-mouth and veterinary referrals. It became clear a lot of pets needed help and many of their seemingly unrelated problems stemmed from malnutrition.

In 2017, BOM BOM was founded and AVS-licensed in order to serve the countless pets that required an individualised diet. BOM BOM’s popularity far exceeded expectations and outgrew its former central kitchens to form Singapore’s largest, modern pet food manufacturing facility. With every upgrade and expansion phase, BOM BOM has pushed standards higher for the industry with regards to individualisation options, R&D capabilities, and food hygiene; and is fully licensed and compliant in every country it operates within.


Bridging the gap

BOM BOM exists today to narrow the gap between the choices humans make for their pets and what pets actually need for their dietary regime.

BOM BOM provides a platform where owners can make increasingly informed decisions, track their pet’s diet history, and have a safe place to consult professionals on holistic health and nutritional matters.

By providing authoritative nutrition advice and correspondingly formulating pets’ individualised meals, BOM BOM empowers owners to give their pets the best in food and health.


Fortifies Immune System

Despite the wide array of offerings in the pet food market, no other product ticks all the boxes of: fresh, species-appropriate and truly personalised.

Many pet foods impose human diet principles on our pets, merely managing physiological factors and leaving root causes unaddressed at the expense of organ health and longevity.

The wider movement to ‘humanise’ pet foods takes pet owners a step closer to feeding fresher but unfortunately, bioavailability and species-appropriateness remain lower on the agenda. Food shouldn’t just be a belly-filler; it should nourish everything from skin, fur, joints, gut microbiome, right down to the cellular level, catering to every pet’s individual need.


Driving results for pets' well-being

BOM BOM capitalises on the expertise of its co-founders - a trifecta of nutritional R&D, technology and engineering knowledge. The world doesn’t need just another pet food company; but a future- proof pet nutrition enterprise that converts relevant research and technology into visible and measurable results for our pet's well-being.

Our Capabilities

We created BOM BOM with the goal of providing fresh quality pet food at reasonable prices. Find out how we do it.

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