We're not just your pets’ nutritionists

Feeding dogs and cats requires a level of diligence that should surpass human food standards. Their unique species-appropriate needs mean meal formulation, appropriate ingredient sourcing and hygiene are of paramount importance.

Complexity Made Easy

Do you feed PMR or BARF? Do you follow NRC, AAFCO or FEDIAF standards? Leave the confusing calculations and myth-debunking to us. Our promise to our clients is that everything we do is backed by science and not ‘internet wisdom’ – we don’t just consume research, we drive research. We make ordering simple for you while we take care of all the nutrition numbers.


Our significant commitment to technology enables us to solve an industry-old problem: true meal individualisation to meet every pet’s specific needs. We offer the world’s largest array of meal options to suit all your pet’s dietary needs – no reason for your pet to ever get bored of mealtimes.

Nutritional Analytics & Auditability

We understand dogs and cats inside and out. Speak to us at BB Support to get a better idea of how to optimise your pet’s nutrition, eliminate allergies or find holistic remedies to specific ailments. We empower owners to recognize early signs of health issues and bring out the best in pets’ well-being.

Qualified Professionals

From day one, you will have direct access to BOM BOM’s nutrition team supported by veterinary and academic professionals; offering knowledge in food science, pet holistic healthcare and nutritional analytics.

Ethically Sourced

Behind the meticulously prepared fresh meals, close attention is paid to the farm-to-bowl journey taken by every ingredient. We partner only with ethical free-range farms practising husbandry values compliant with our fastidious specifications.

Food Safety Standards

Our global procurement and logistics teams work around the clock to ensure incoming produce are independently laboratory-tested and delivered to you hygienically.

Industry-Leading Cold Chain Management

Within Singapore’s largest homegrown and advanced pet food manufacturing facility, our in-house engineers have implemented AVS-licensed, cold-chain systems to guarantee freshness.

Health Insurance

When embarking on the BOM BOM journey, you are investing in your pet’s health and elevating their daily mealtime experience. Achieving robust gut health and comprehensive nutritional intake is the best form of health insurance you could ever get while reducing your pet’s lifetime medical bills.


To measurably improve your pet's quality of life and extend their lifespan, by incorporating the most relevant research and technology.